about us

SeeBoundless was founded in 2015 by Steve Johnson to help good people tell good stories. It's that simple.

Through design, production and distribution, SeeBoundless works with others dedicated to creating positive change through storytelling. It is our belief that stories do not have to be limited by their medium; they can and should be the most valuable tools for the discovery of unknowns.

One month we might be hundreds of feet under a glacier to help share stories of climate change and the next letting a tribal leader show us the need for dental care in Native American communities. 

We work with storytellers across the globe. From photojournalists to graphic designers to academic researchers, our stories involve a myriad of specialists who care deeply about sharing their work with others.

Our work can be seen, read, viewed, experienced across a multitude of news organizations, non-profits, museums and gallery spaces and we hope this website helps you understand a little more about who we are and what we're trying to achieve.

Our goal is simple: we want to use the best platforms, technologies, storytelling tools and distribution methods to share truths.