Clare Fieseler | Scientist


Clare Fieseler is a marine ecologist and photographer. She uses photography, photo mosaics, and 3D technology to study the impact of climate change on the Caribbean’s resilient but rapidly disappearing coral reefs. Clare is currently finished a doctoral degree in Ecology at UNC Chapel Hill where she recently co-taught a course in the School of Media and Journalism. Her scientific and photographic work for National Geographic has taken her around the world—from Belize to Zimbabwe to Ascension Island.

A passionate advocate for women in the sciences, Clare is currently working on a long-terms media project to document women scientists at work in challenging environments. Her writing about ecology and conservation has been published in print and digital magazines including National Geographic, Natural History, Hakai, Undark, and Biographic. Her photographic work is represented by National Geographic Creative. Clare also serves an expert in photography for National Geographic Expeditions.

Boundless' resident "scientist," Clare led us into the jungle and underwater to produce the 360 video project on Panama's Changing Climate.

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