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Keith Lane studied environmental science, spent time teaching outdoor education in California and worked for an energy consultant NGO before touring the US—by bus—for a Masters of Science degree in environmental education. He then volunteered for a public policy NGO in a move that became an unexpected turning point. While working in Bangladesh, Lane began photographing flooded towns and villages. The storytelling tool struck a chord. 

Changing gears, he earned a graduate certificate at the renowned Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (Portland, Maine). Then, he set out to cover the complex socio-environmental issues he'd invested in as a student: war’s long aftermath; natural disaster; and conflict, both internal and international. His subjects have taken him to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, mine-infested fields of Cambodia and, eventually, a politically volatile Cairo, where he both taught at American University (Cairo) and photographed the city’s streets from the 2012 presidential elections to the new president’s ouster in 2013.

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