Since the launch of SeeBoundless in 2015 we have taken our experience in the field to classrooms, newsrooms, universities, conferences and private trainings to help share the knowledge gained by breaking a whole lot of gear trying new technologies in storytelling.

We offer trainings in the following areas: In-House Photography, 360 Video, AR Objects, Creating Videos for Clients, Social Media and Web Traffic as well as a comprehensive training on Ethical Storytelling that will help your organization design or clarify what you are about and how that helps your storytelling and reach going forward. 


SeeBoundless works with an amazing network of journalists, academics, creative technologists and artists. We would love to bring them to your conference, school, or company event. 



Measurement goes much deeper than analytics and spreadsheets. We like to design a measurement strategy that focuses on the qualitative outcomes of a story. How much better can an audience understand a topic? What can we do better to distribute the right stories to the right audiences?

It is time intensive, difficult and often makes us face the facts that 100,000 views doesn't mean much, but by building these measurable outcomes, we can make sure we're telling the most effective stories.

To learn more about the trainings, speaking engagements and research we offer please contact our Director of Partnerships and Education, Brooke Van Dam, Ph.D.

brooke @