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SeeBoundless was founded in 2015 by Steve Johnson to help good people tell good stories. It's that simple.

Through design, production and distribution, SeeBoundless works with others dedicated to creating positive change through storytelling. It is our belief that stories do not have to be limited by their medium; they can and should be the most valuable tools for the discovery of unknowns.

One month we might be hundreds of feet under a glacier to help share stories of climate change and the next letting a tribal leader show us the need for dental care in Native American communities. 

We work with storytellers across the globe. From photojournalists to graphic designers to academic researchers, our stories involve a myriad of specialists who care deeply about sharing their work with others.

Our work can be seen, read, viewed, experienced across a multitude of news organizations, non-profits, museums and gallery spaces and we hope this website helps you understand a little more about who we are and what we're trying to achieve.

Our goal is simple: we want to use the best platforms, technologies, storytelling tools and distribution methods to share truths.



Our Services

SeeBoundless is one of the most talented and buttoned up teams working in VR and 360 today. Working with Steve and team is an absolute pleasure; it’s one of the few situations where I can feel 100% confident handing over a project to an outside party. The level of quality, precision and integrity they work with is unparalleled.
— Mia Tramz Editorial Director, Enterprise and Immersive Experiences, TIME

Story Development

Through design, production and distribution SeeBoundless works with a variety of organizations to help identify potential story topics, how they can best share these stories and distribute them to an audience.

We work as a newsroom, constantly pitching, organizing and developing stories on a range of topics from climate change, labor, education and the environment. Our goal is to match our experienced team of writers, researchers, producers and journalists with a topic that best fits a partner.

Documentary Video Production

Some stories need a deep dive. We are always developing longer form pitches for our partners and we prefer to show, not tell, the stories about the world around us. Sometimes these can be as short as 5-7 minutes and other times we need to think on what a series could look like. Regardless, our network of producers can help you build and produce documentary-style videos telling stories to help people.

360-Degree Video

SeeBoundless pioneered 360-degree video in 2016 partnering with The Weather Channel to take its millions of viewers inside glaciers to understand climate change, to the aftermath of the largest wildfire in Canadian history and underwater to see how scientists map coral reefs. 

With more than 40 projects built in this immersive environment, we have been fortunate to work with newsrooms, non-profits and universities to build and share experiences to better understand complex stories.

In 2018 we completed a revolutionary project with the state of North Carolina that brings every university campus to users via an iOS app. Gear Up VR takes potential students through every campus so they can experience what it's like to to attend any one of the sixteen public universities across the state. 


Augmented Reality Object Creation

More to come in 2018. We've been developing new practices to better capture and share places around the globe to help audiences experience storytelling right in their living room. 

Still Photography

Our network of photographers and producers stretches across the globe. SeeBoundless was founded by visual storytelling and we consider it a priority on every production.

Distribution Strategy

We couldn't express our sentiments any louder on how we feel about a strong distribution strategy when it comes to visual stories.

Simply uploading to a social network is not enough and by planning a robust distribution strategy built on the foundation of understanding a story more than clicks/hits/impressions, we work tirelessly with our partners to make sure the right people are understanding their stories, not just scrolling past them.









SeeBoundless operates as a for-profit, independent storytelling agency. Our work reflects the highest standards in storytelling ethics. When working for journalistic organizations we follow the code of ethics of the National Press Photographers Association and the Society of Professional Journalists and are members of both organizations.

As an independent storytelling agency, SeeBoundless works with a variety of clients in news organizations, non-profits and foundations. We believe it is necessary to have a diverse client base in order to ethically produce stories and not rely on a single funder to influence all of our work.



SeeBoundless works as an independent storytelling agency. Our client work is met with the same standards as our editorial work. With each project, we ensure that there is no conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest by our funders and clients. We will clearly state who funded a particular story, why it was funded and the goals/outcomes of the funded project. New clients are vetted and accepted by Boundless based on their work to create social good. We look at their prior work, financials and use our network to ensure they meet the highest standards of their field before we enter a partnership.




In every story we share, SeeBoundless will clearly state on this website where the content was published and who paid for it. We want to avoid conflicts of interest or even the perception of a conflict of interest and take each story's integrity seriously. We don't hide sponsored or paid content. We embrace alternative methods of revenue in storytelling and believe that with the right relationships we can share stories of the highest standards without negative interference from sources, funders and advertisers. 


Conflicts of Interest

To ensure SeeBoundless is free from conflicts of interest we do not cover our clients. Period. Simply put: we won't work on a story for a new organization on a client we have done paid work with or plan do paid work with. We believe there is an absolute wall between paid and editorial work and will fully disclose our client list at any request from a news organization.




Since the launch of SeeBoundless in 2015 we have taken our experience in the field to classrooms, newsrooms, universities, conferences and private trainings to help share the knowledge gained by breaking a whole lot of gear trying new technologies in storytelling.

We offer trainings in the following areas: In-House Photography, 360 Video, AR Objects, Creating Videos for Clients, Social Media and Web Traffic as well as a comprehensive training on Ethical Storytelling that will help your organization design or clarify what you are about and how that helps your storytelling and reach going forward. 


SeeBoundless works with an amazing network of journalists, academics, creative technologists and artists. We would love to bring them to your conference, school, or company event. 



Measurement goes much deeper than analytics and spreadsheets. We like to design a measurement strategy that focuses on the qualitative outcomes of a story. How much better can an audience understand a topic? What can we do better to distribute the right stories to the right audiences?

It is time intensive, difficult and often makes us face the facts that 100,000 views doesn't mean much, but by building these measurable outcomes, we can make sure we're telling the most effective stories.

To learn more about the trainings, speaking engagements and research we offer please contact our Director of Partnerships and Education, Brooke Van Dam, Ph.D.

brooke @



Our Work




Drop us a line and tell us a little about what you want to create. Collaborate on your next great storytelling project, documentary or workshop. We're always open to new ideas, formats and stories... or just a cup of coffee to talk shop.