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This section of SeeBoundless is a Steve Johnson communications tool to keep up with friends and colleagues. Over the past few years, I’ve found that using social networks to keep in touch has been difficult to have in-depth and meaningful conversations — you know, the one’s you used to have when catching up with an old friend in your hometown over the holidays.

So I’ve created this page to help stay in touch with friends, keep everyone posted on where the heck I am in the world and share some memories that we can chat about on the phone, over coffee or preferably over a gin and tonic. I’ll keep it updated regularly so you can feel in touch.

Reporting in Muir Woods National Monument for The Washington Post in 2016. (Photo by Ryan Jones)

Reporting in Muir Woods National Monument for The Washington Post in 2016. (Photo by Ryan Jones)

Goodbye 2018

Reading “Time is different now” over on The Verge it certainly feels like 2018 left us before it began. Remember the Olympics? How about the Royal Wedding? It seems like ages ago.

There were some big changes for me. I moved to Los Angeles and got married… Yes! (More below on that below)

I’ve decided I’ll still be sharing photos on Instagram because that would be a little crazy if a photographer and visual storyteller had no means of sharing their work.

We will also be ramping up the SeeBoundless social media channels to keep those interested in the work stuff well informed.

Overall, I’m thankful to friends, family and colleagues who are ok with me disappearing for a few months or even years as I build SeeBoundless and grow old inside of airport terminals. Please stay in touch and I promise to do the same.

I got Married!

Brooke and I celebrated with friends and family on Sept. 1 in Hollywood, CA with champagne toasts and an amazing ceremony lead by our dear friend, Alicia Caldwell. We were also privileged to take in a Hollywood Bowl concert conducted by John Williams with a special appearance by Steven Spielberg. We’re just going to say that they also came to the wedding.

I Traveled (A ton)

2018 has been a record year for travel. With huge projects taking me to places like London, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Bolivia, Peru, Germany and too many states and cities to list — I have been truly fortunate to have a global company sharing stories from every corner of the earth. And, we have some amazing trips in store for 2019 I’m looking forward to sharing.

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