Ethics Statement

Boundless operates under the following ethics policy. All employees are required to abide by it, as are freelancers and contributors while they produce work for clients, news organizations and Boundless.


Boundless operates as a for-profit, independent storytelling agency in the District of Columbia. Our work reflects the highest standards in storytelling ethics. When working for journalistic organizations we follow the code of ethics of the National Press Photographers Association and the Society of Professional Journalists and are members of both organizations.

As an independent storytelling agency, Boundless works with a variety of clients (you can see this work here) in news organizations, non-profits and foundations. We believe it is necessary to have a diverse client base in order to ethically produce stories and not rely on a single funder to influence all of our work.



In every story we share, Boundless will clearly state on this website where the content was published and who paid for it. We want to avoid conflicts of interest or even the perception of a conflict of interest and take each story's integrity seriously. We don't hide sponsored or paid content. We embrace alternative methods of revenue in storytelling and believe that with the right relationships we can share stories of the highest standards without negative interference from sources, funders and advertisers. You can see examples of this here and here from The Washington Post.



Boundless works as an independent storytelling agency. Our client work is met with the same standards as our editorial work. With each project, we ensure that there is no conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest by our funders and clients. We will clearly state who funded a particular story, why it was funded and the goals/outcomes of the funded project. New clients are vetted and accepted by Boundless based on their work to create social good. We look at their prior work, financials and use our network to ensure they meet the highest standards of their field before we enter a partnership.




Conflicts of Interest

To ensure Boundless is free from conflicts of interest we do not cover our clients. Period. Simply put: we won't work on a story for a new organization on a client we have done paid work with or plan do paid work with. We believe there is an absolute wall between paid and editorial work and will fully disclose our client list at any request from a news organization.




Please feel free to contact our founder, Steve Johnson, if you have any questions about our ethics statement.